We are the sole importer of slurry mixers of the highest quality from German GROWI, who has more than 50 years of experience. 
GROWI has a huge range of mixers for slurry, with a lot of extra equipment for your exact needs. 



Trailing shoe systems from Bomech ensure a quick, precise and gentle delivery on planted soil. With a pressure of 6-10 kilo the trailing shoe system gentle push the leaves aside, so that the fertilizer is placed as close to the soil as possible with minimal evaporation as a consequence. The plant therefore gets quick access to the fertilizer and the best conditions for growth.  




Our collection of muck spreaders from French Panien consists of two types, vertical drums for 12 meters spreading and horizontal drums for 24 meters spreading. Panien muck spreaders are of high quality with a focus on reliability and capacity specially designed for the Danish marked. You can get the muck spreader with a lot of extra equipment for your exact needs.


Our Danish supplier Harsø delivers unique and patented hose booms and distributors. Harsø has developed and produced hose booms for more than 40 years and today the range span from 12 to 36 meters. 



Duport is our supplier of injectors for grassland, for more than 15 years. The All Track collection has a focus on light construction without compromising with quality and therefore a gentle slurry handling is secured. The injectors are made from 8-12 meters with both single and double discs.

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